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What does the red exclamation mark on my link party board means?

Tags: moderate links

That mark means you have at least one submitted link in your party that needs moderation.
Moderating links

If you have enabled the require backlinks option from the +Advanced options, then, each time entrants submit links that don't comply with this ruleset, these links won't be displayed in the collection, until you moderate them. Once you approve a link, it will be displayed normally in your party. Though, if you reject it, it will be permanently deleted from your collection.

I can see some entries in my LinkUp that are not there when I go to my dashboard. What are these?

Tags: free, ads

Free accounts are ad-supported and the links you see are ads. These keep the service free and you cannot remove them. If you upgrade your account, the ads are instantly removed. When your account expires or you fall back to the free plan, the ads are re-added to your LinkUps.