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How do I add a link to a link party?

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(You can find a more detailed walkthrough on how to add your links in a party in our blogpost here or watch the video below)

Quick guide:
  1. Click on the +Add Link button to expand the link options
  2. Type the URL of your link in the URL field. Images will be loaded automatically in the area below.
  3. Optionally you can change the Caption text.
    • The Email address will be entered automatically.
  4. Select one of the images listed in the area below or you can upload an image manually with the Upload tab.
  5. Save your submission.

How to share code for InLinkz blog hops?

Tags: bloghop, co-hosts, link party, share code

Once you have created a party on the fresh InLinkz, you can share it with your co-hosts by sending them a special link.
This link will allow them to see all codes for your linkup and choose the one fitting their blog type

To do that, just click to copy the share icon of a link party:

Sharing code with co-hosts

This will pop up a window with a link and social share icons. Just copy the link and send it to your cohosts
Copy the link and send it to your InLinkz cohosts

This is the page your cohosts will see once they click on the link

What the cohosts see

Once your co-hosts add the code on their html editing mode of their blog, your link party will be displayed to their blogs as well.

Please note: this link will enable anyone to host your link party, so take extra care where you send it to.

How to require a backlink?

Tags: backlink, link party, advanced options

InLinkz link parties can help you build your incoming links by requiring backlinks from your entants to your blog.

Through the required backlinks feature, you can force your readers to add a direct link that points from their site to yours.

This backlink acts as a good referral from other blogs so it is beneficial to your pagerank. 

To require a backlink, click to expand the +Advanced options, while creating or editing a link party.

Enable the "Require back links" option.

Once you enable it, the blog(s) you want your readers to point to will be displayed. You can set or change your blogs from your Settings > My Blogs.

Required Backlinks

When entrants submit links that Inlinkz is unable to verify their backlinks, the system will still add them to the collection but they will not be displayed on hosts' blog, until they moredate them. The hosts will receive an email about the pending for moderation links and as soon as they approve them from their dashboard > Manage links, the links will be displayed in their collection.