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Why my link is not shown to the link party?

Tags: link not shown up, verify entry, unverified links, verification

If you have submitted a link to a link party but this is not shown to the collection, make sure you have verified your email address.

Check your inbox for the verification email. If you cannot find it, request for a new one or reach out to us.

How to verify my entry to InLinkz?

Tags: inlinkz login, verify entry, verification

The first time you are going to join an InLinkz link party, you will need to verify your entry.

You can either use your facebook or google login with just one click (1) or you can continue with an InLinkz login (2).
Verify your entry

To create an InLinkz login, click to continue with InLinkz (1) and then enter your email (2) and a password of your preference (3) in the right column. Click to continue (4).
Continue with InLinkz login

A verification email will be sent to your inbox. Follow the instructions to verify your login.

This is a process you need to do only once. If you use the same browser, the system will remember you.

In case login is required, simply enter your credentials in the left column and continue adding your link to the link party.