Link parties | How to keep your followers in the loop

As a blogger you know that your followers is one of the most valuable assets of your blog. Even if the social media platforms or search engines change their algorithm, your followers are yours to keep.

Running link parties is a great way to keep your followers active and interact with them. In fact those who love your parties would like to be ensured that they won't lose any of your upcoming parties.

Explore below to learn how you can keep your followers in your loop.

How an entrant can start following you

InLinkz allows entrants who participate in your link parties to become your followers by simply clicking on the "Follow now" button that shows up, once a link submitted successfully.

When an entrant become your follower, you can send them a notification directly from your InLinkz dashboard to their inbox each time you run a new link party.

How to notify your followers

Here is how you can notify your followers (aka the entrants to your party) with three only steps:

1. Simply click on the "email followers" link on your new linkups board, as shown below:

2. Select the blog you host the link party.

3. Send the notification to the people that follow you.

The notifications followers receive will look like this:

You can send them an email notification either when you create the new party so as to have enough time to schedule their entries or when the party opens so as to be RIGHT there when the party is ready for entries.

A new link party just opened. Join now

Encourage those who participate to your parties to start following you and not miss any of your link parties.