Why InLinkz cannot find any images when I add a post preview link?

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If the link you are trying to enter to a link party is a post preview link, then the widget won't be able to find any images, since the access to a preview page isn't allowed. 

To avoid that issue, make sure the post you are about to add is published and publicly viewable.

I DON'T want the entries to show in my blog post. I want a button only!

While this seems strange, you can do it easily! 

There are two ways:

1. Removing the <SCRIPT> part of your code

Just copy the code and then remove anything in the <Script> parts, including the tags themselves:
Removing the script part.

This will display the default message which looks like this: 

Default caption of InLinkz button.

You can then edit the code to suit your specific needs (e.g. change the texts and/or colors)

2. Creating a link by yourself:

On the code dialog, there are two options for picking a code. The bottom one, is a direct link which points to the linkup. 
Just use this link on whatever you want, for example an image, to make it a link to a party:

Use this unique link to make a button out of anything you wish!

You can use it on images, and/or text!

How to add a photo from Instagram to a link party using your mobile

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To add a photo from Instagram to a link party  using your mobile:

1. Open Instagram from your mobile and search for the photo you want to add to the link party.

2. Click on the photo to view it.

3. Click on the three dots on the right and a list of options will be shown up.

Click on the three dots

4. Click to Copy Link
Image from iOS (1).png 308.93 KB

4. Go to link party you want to participate and paste that link on the link tab:
Add your link to link party

5. Save

Make sure the photo is publicly viewable.

How to clone a link party and save time

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If you are running recurring link parties, then the clone functionality will save your time.

Cloning is used to create new link parties based on previously defined settings.

Here is how you can easily duplicate a linkup:

1. Once you have created a new link party you can go ahead and clone it by clicking on the little arrow at the right top of its preview.

Link party's preview

2.  A list with mutliple options will be expanded. Select Clone.
Clone a link party

3. The edit page will open. All linkup's data will be pre- filled, except for the opening and closing date. Adjust the duration of the cloned party and enter a new title, if necessary.

Adjust the opening and closing date

4. Click to clone it and the new party will be shown up on your dashboard.

Why I get the message that the "Link Party Not Found"?

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If you get the message that the "Link Party Not Found":
Link party not found

1. Refresh the page by holding down Shift or Command + R on Mac (check out this post as well: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache )

2. Try using another browser or an incognito window

If that does not work either:

1. Let us know the version of the browser and the OS you are using.
2. Send us a screenshot of the "console" tab of the development console of the browser (it comes up with F12). 

How can I change the display email when I add a link to a party?

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The email address that is displayed when you add a link to a party is the email you used to sign in to InLinkz.

If you want to change it, you need to log out of your currently logged in account and sign it to your other email. You can find a logout button just right beside the "add link" button

Logout from your currently logged in email

After this, when you click on "add link" you will be requested to add your email again. Use your alternative email here


If you are logging in with Google, it automatically fills the same email you are logged in GMail with. To change that, you need to logout from GMail and login back to GMail with your desired email

How can I edit a submitted link?

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 You can edit a link's information by hovering over the thumbnail of the submitted link.

Edit a link

When viewing the linkup as a host, you can still edit your entrants' links by clicking on the big eye on the linkup thumbnail and then click the edit link icon to edit it:

Click to view the link party

Make sure you are logged in when viewing the linkup on your blog. You can add or remove links, no matter if the party is open or closed.

How can I be notified when a new linkup of a specific host is open?

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Once you have linked up to a party, there is an option to "Follow" the host so as to be notified when a new linkup from this host is open.
Follow a host

This will allow the host to notify you when the party is ready to accept entries by sending you out an email.

How to block an entrant?

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To block an entrant, simply go to "Manage Links"
Manage party links

and from there, view the link you want blocked and click on the respective icon:
Block the URL

This will block all coming links that have the "art.com" url or any direct page coming from this domain in the above example. 

Blocking any email does not make sense as people can have many emails (or temporary ones) but they always need to enter their own URL. 

How to change the image of a link?

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To change the image of a link, you will need to remove and add the link from scratch. 

An easy way to do this though, would be to go to "Add link" and just drag the link to be deleted on the URL bar as seen below, and then, simply delete the old one.

Drag the link to the URL tab

Delete the link

Why do you need my Facebook data and friends lists?

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We do not!

The permissions requested by us from Facebook are only the email and public profile, just to validate the existence of the user. 

Our process of getting the users email and entry are set like so to be compliant with the GDPR that came into effect in May 2018. 

How to crop a link thumbnail image?

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To crop a link thumbnail image:

1. Click on the triple line button at the top right corner of the thumbnail you want to crop to open the cropping page

Crop a thumbnail

2. Drag the cropping handles around the desired area

Adjust the cropping handles

3. Apply.

Why do I get the message "The InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website" and how can I fix it?

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If you get the following message, when add the InLinkz widget to your blog,
The InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website
you need to add your blog address to your Blog Settings (Settings> My Blogs), in order to allow the  widget to be displayed in your website.

I can see some entries in my LinkUp that are not there when I go to my dashboard. What are these?

Tags: free, ads

Free accounts are ad-supported and the links you see are ads. These keep the service free and you cannot remove them. If you upgrade your account, the ads are instantly removed. When your account expires or you fall back to the free plan, the ads are re-added to your LinkUps.

400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

Tags: chrome, error, cookie, 400

Please, clear your browser cache (http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache) or try to use another browser.

​The issue is due to chrome's cookie storage space and is only affecting your own browser.

Don't worry, your readers are seeing the linkup correctly

Why the thumbnails of my link party are not showing up in my blog post?

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If a blog hosted on wordpress.com, then no widget is allowed to be displayed inside the posts.

The only option to run a link party to wordpress.com sites is to add a button which, when readers click on it, takes them to an external page where the linkup is hosted. 

If a blog's installation is on a self-hosted wordpress.org platform, blogger or typepad, the widget will display the linkup inside the blog posts, if the code placed correctly.

To place the InLinkz code properly, simply remove the code you have already added to you blog and grab a fresh copy of the code, as shown below:
Link Party Code

If possible, paste it to your blog while in HTML editing mode and do not switch to preview. Just commit your changes.

How to change the blog URL I have associated with Inlinkz?

Tags: change blog url, manage blogs

To change the blog URL you have associated with Inlinkz, go to your Settings (1) and from the Profile list on the left, select My Blogs (2).

Add a new blog URL (3) as well as a few related keywords (4).
Manage your Blogs

As soon as you add the new URL, the delete option will be displayed.

Click on the reb bin on the right to delete the URL you need to be removed.

Delete a Blog URL

A quick note:
If you have tied the URL of a specific blogpost and not the generic URL of your blog and you need to replace it, add first a "dummy" URL (for example "www.example.com") so as the system will let you delete the old blogspost URL and then add the generic blog URL. 

Why some new submitted links are hidden from my link party collection?

Tags: moderate links, advanced options, backlinks

If you have enabled the require backlinks option from the +Advanced options, then, each time a entrant submits a link that doesn't comply with this ruleset,
the link won't be displayed in your collection, until you moderate it.

Once you approve that link, it will be displayed normally in your party. If you reject it, it will be deleted from your collection permanently.

I am an old InLinkz user with a running subscription. What are my options

Tags: price, subscription

Legacy accounts are plans for users like you, that are already subscribed to the old inlinkz.
You keep the $2.99 pricing as is, through your current subscription and get all fresh features as well.

Make sure you create a fresh account with the same email as the one you are using in the old system.
You will be assigned the Legacy plan. 

No need to do anything from your side.

Thank you so much for being our customer so far! 

(In case you have signed up with a different email, let us know, to sync your accounts)

How do I add a link to a link party?

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(You can find a more detailed walkthrough on how to add your links in a party in our blogpost here or watch the video below)

Quick guide:
  1. Click on the +Add Link button to expand the link options
  2. Type the URL of your link in the URL field. Images will be loaded automatically in the area below.
  3. Optionally you can change the Caption text.
    • The Email address will be entered automatically.
  4. Select one of the images listed in the area below or you can upload an image manually with the Upload tab.
  5. Save your submission.

What does the red exclamation mark on my link party board means?

Tags: moderate links

That mark means you have at least one submitted link in your party that needs moderation.
Moderating links

If you have enabled the require backlinks option from the +Advanced options, then, each time entrants submit links that don't comply with this ruleset, these links won't be displayed in the collection, until you moderate them. Once you approve a link, it will be displayed normally in your party. Though, if you reject it, it will be permanently deleted from your collection.

How to collect my guests' emails for my mailing list?

Tags: entries, guests emails, mailing list

You can easily collect your guests' email addresses by clicking on the Guests page at the top of your Inlinkz dashboard.
Guests page

Sort them by the number of links (1) or the last submitted link (2).
Sort links

Export these emails to an excel file or upload them directly to your mailchimp list.
Export mailing list

Learn how you can make the most out of the Guests page here.

How to require a backlink?

Tags: backlink, link party, advanced options

InLinkz link parties can help you build your incoming links by requiring backlinks from your entants to your blog.

Through the required backlinks feature, you can force your readers to add a direct link that points from their site to yours.

This backlink acts as a good referral from other blogs so it is beneficial to your pagerank. 

To require a backlink, click to expand the +Advanced options, while creating or editing a link party.

Enable the "Require back links" option.

Once you enable it, the blog(s) you want your readers to point to will be displayed. You can set or change your blogs from your Settings > My Blogs.

Required Backlinks

When entrants submit links that Inlinkz is unable to verify their backlinks, the system will still add them to the collection but they will not be displayed on hosts' blog, until they moredate them. The hosts will receive an email about the pending for moderation links and as soon as they approve them from their dashboard > Manage links, the links will be displayed in their collection.

How to share code for InLinkz blog hops?

Tags: bloghop, co-hosts, link party, share code

Once you have created a party on the fresh InLinkz, you can share it with your co-hosts by sending them a special link.
This link will allow them to see all codes for your linkup and choose the one fitting their blog type

To do that, just click to copy the share icon of a link party:

Sharing code with co-hosts

This will pop up a window with a link and social share icons. Just copy the link and send it to your cohosts
Copy the link and send it to your InLinkz cohosts

This is the page your cohosts will see once they click on the link

What the cohosts see

Once your co-hosts add the code on their html editing mode of their blog, your link party will be displayed to their blogs as well.

Please note: this link will enable anyone to host your link party, so take extra care where you send it to.

Why do I need to verify my entry?

Tags: verification, email, widget

Big changes are happening around your personal data rights and we have built Inlinkz to reflect these changes.

Willing to keep your info safe & sound, you need to verify your entry, before you submit a link for the first time (verifying only takes a few seconds and you need to do it only once). After verifying your email, you can add links to all InLinkz link parties without the need for re-verification.

The email verification process is a needed change due to the GDPR which states that email and IP address constitute personal data. We cannot provide data to hosts or collect it in any way, without getting the consent of entrants (you).

Prevent unauthorized people (third parties) to add links for you without your permission
By verifying your email allows us to detect if a third party tries to add a link under your email without your permission. This means that if emails are entered from a completely different state/country from the verification state/country, a block is placed until re-verification to keep your email and account safe. 

Through the verification process we are also able to control spam links and prevent automatic mass-adding of links that has happened in some occasions on the previous versions. We want to make sure that every link added to a link party is real and not automatically added by a bot and that behind each entry is a person that will also visit your own entries in the same party.
We take your privacy very seriously to keep your data safe and reap all the benefits when adding your entries to any InLinkz linkup.

Extended benefits 

Logging in to Inlinkz, you can:
* see how many clicks you receive from each of your entries
* your link history
* automatic completion 

Why do I get a message 'This connection is not secure' ?

Tags: widget, https, http

The message about an insecure connection might appear on some browsers only when the parent/host site is served over the 'http' protocol and not 'https'. You can check the URL bar to see the protocol a website uses.

This issue does not affect  the inlinkz app and your communication with our service is 100% secure.
Our website follows all security recommendations regarding credential and transaction safety and it is fully 'https' compliant.