How to quickly add links to LinkUps using History

Starting today, you can add quickly links to multiple linkUps using the recently-introduced History functionality.

The History is an incredibly useful feature designed to increase participation to link parties. Without much fuss, entrants are able to add the same links to different link parties with just one click!

Entrants don't need to remember anymore each specific link they have entered. Neither to type again the captions nor set again cropping parameters for images, since it's all in the History.

To use the History Functionality:

1. Click to switch to History mode.

2. Your last added link will be displayed by default.

3. Click on the dropdown menu, if you want to select another link. Inlinkz will show you a list with the last 10 links you've added.

4. Scroll through and choose one link. Save.

5. Disable the history mode by clicking on the relevant button