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What does the red exclamation mark on my link party board means?

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InLinkz offers to hosts the ability to keep the submitted links that not follow the backlinks ruleset, hidden from the public until the host approves them.

When there is at least one link in a party that needs moderation, a red mark is displayed on the dashboard:
Manage links

How to moderate submitted links

If you have enabled the "require backlinks" option from the +Advanced settings, then, each time an entrant submits links that don't comply with this ruleset, the links won't be displayed in the collection, until the host moderates them. If the host approves the link, then it will be displayed normally in the party. If the host rejects the link, it will be permanently deleted from the collection.

To moderate a link:

1. Go to your InLinkz dashboard and click on the "Entries" button.

2. You will be directed to the Entries page.

3. The links that need moderation are indicated with a red exclamation mark.
Links under moderation

If the collection has a lot of links, use the filter at the right top to view only the links that require moderation.
Show only links that require moderation

4. Click on the details to view more data about this link.

Link details

5. Click "Confirm Now" to accept the link.

Confirm a link

6. Click on the red bin to delete it permanently from the collection. Please make sure before you remove a link because this action is irreversible.
Delete a link permanently

How can I see how many clicks a link party got

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Inlinkz provides to hosts a view of their link parties' statistics to help them understand how far a link party has gone.

Statistics are available to any link party at the top left of each party.
Link party statistics

Statistics includes an overview of the:

* impressions the party got (the total count of all the times the Link Party loads)

* verified and Unverified Links (the number of the submitted links that have been verified or remain unverified, correspondingly)

* total Link Clicks (the clicks the submitted links received in total)

The ideal Link Party will have both a high impression number and a high total clicks rate.

Read more about the Link Party Statistics here.