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Why the thumbnails of my link party are not showing up in my blog post?

Tags: wordpress, thumbnails, images, not shown up, code

If a blog hosted on, then no widget is allowed to be displayed inside the posts.

The only option to run a link party to sites is to add a button which, when readers click on it, takes them to an external page where the linkup is hosted. 

If a blog's installation is on a self-hosted platform, blogger or typepad, the widget will display the linkup inside the blog posts, if the code placed correctly.

To place the InLinkz code properly, simply remove the code you have already added to you blog and grab a fresh copy of the code, as shown below:
Link Party Code

If possible, paste it to your blog while in HTML editing mode and do not switch to preview. Just commit your changes.

400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

Tags: chrome, error, cookie, 400

Please, clear your browser cache ('s-Cache) or try to use another browser.

​The issue is due to chrome's cookie storage space and is only affecting your own browser.

Don't worry, your readers are seeing the linkup correctly

Why do I get the message "The InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website" and how can I fix it?

Tags: widget, not allowed

If you get the following message, when the InLinkz widget is added to your blog,
The InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website
you need to add your blog address to your Blog Settings (Settings> My Blogs), in order to allow the  widget to be displayed on your website.

Why I get the message "Link Party Not Found"?

Tags: party not found

If you get the message "Link Party Not Found":
Link party not found

1. Refresh the page by holding down Shift on a PC or Command + R on Mac (check out this post as well:'s-Cache )

2. Try using another browser or an incognito window

If that does not work either:

1. Let us know the version of the browser and the OS you are using.
2. Send us a screenshot of the "console" tab of the development console of the browser (it comes up with F12). 

Why InLinkz cannot find any images when I add a post preview link?

Tags: post preview, cannot find images

If the link you are trying to enter to a link party is a post preview link, then the widget won't be able to find any images, since the access to a preview page isn't allowed. 

To avoid that issue, make sure the post you are about to add is published and publicly viewable.

Why my link is not shown to the link party?

Tags: link not shown up, verify entry, unverified links, verification

If you have submitted a link to a link party but this is not shown to the collection, make sure you have verified your email address.

Check your inbox for the verification email. If you cannot find it, request for a new one or reach out to us.

Why did my linkup close early ?

Tags: close, early

The usual suspects of an early-closing linkup are two:

One, it might be the advanced setting regarding the maximum number of links in total. 
This setting automatically closes the linkup when the total number of links reaches the set number. 
If you have set this to something small, then the linkup will close. 
Another possibility would be that the time was not set correctly and the linkup closed in e.g. 
11AM instead of 11PM . Please note that for midnight, the correct time would be 12 AM and noon would be 12 PM. 

Last but not least, is that trial and free accounts are only allowed up to 50 links per linkup.