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How to drop the index numbers at a link party

Tags: index numbers

When a new link is submitted to an InLinkz Link Party is assigned with a number.

This number cannot be changed (even if a link has been pinned to the top of a party).

To avoid having mixed index numbers in the party, enable the "Don't show the index number for each entry" box.

Here is how you can do it:

1. Open your InLinkz dashboard.

2. Click to edit a party.
Edit a party

3. Scroll down and click on the "+Advanced options" to expand.
Advanced options

4.  Check the "Don't show the index number for each entry" box.
Don't show the index number for each entry

5. Save.

Retain index numbers on submissions: a default option

Tags: index numbers

You have a team that judges your links and you have 300 links to choose from. It is a difficult job but you finally decide on your 5 favorites: 3,66,78,145,223. And then, the entrant that had inserted number 101, decides to delete it!!

If you have been in this position, you’ll love the ability InLinkz gives you to retain the numbering of links, even when someone deletes some links from the sequence.
Submitted links

So, if the user deletes number two, the third link still has number 3 and no team is confused.
Subsequent entries

Subsequent entries are numbered in such a way that no number two will appear again.