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How to organize a giveaway and pick a winner

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Need to organize a giveaway or challenge with random, selected LinkUp winner?

InLinkz has the capability to pick the winner randomly using a well tested random algorithm.

Here is how you can set up an InLinkz giveaway in only four steps:

1. The "giveaway" option has been added on the creating page, so simply go your InLinkz dashboard and select to create a new link party.
This is a giveaway

2. Enter an opening and a closing date, as usual, define the entry requirements/ rules and the prizes.

3. Click on the Giveaway checkbox and save.

Once you have created a giveaway, a purple gift icon will be displayed on the party's board which indicates that this linkup is a giveaway.


4. Copy the code and add it to your blog. Invite your readers to participate in your giveaway.

Any collection can be turned to a giveaway at any time.

Free accounts
have full access to the giveaway feature as well.

Pick the winner

Once the giveaway period ends, it's time to pick the winner.

1. While on your dashboard, click on the gift icon to manage your giveaway.


2. If the submission period has ended, a green note will pop up. Click on the link to continue. 

Submission period ends

3. Select to pick a winner by clicking on the "pick a winner" link.

Pick a winner

The system will select a winner randomly between the verified entrants. The winner's submission will be marked in purple to make the winner stand out.

Winner of the giveaway

Note: Keep in mind that while picking a winner, the system will let you manipulate the ranking if you wish to. Again, if you want to be completely fair about the randomness of the winner drawn, you should refrain from tampering with this. You can keep asking for the winner until you land on the ones you want. Nobody guarantees that the blog owner will not be biased.

Pick again a winner

Want to let people join your giveaway without adding links for their images? Check out how here.