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InLinkz Link Party Directory

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Welcome to the InLinkz Link Party Directory!

The InLinkz Link Party Directory is designed to help bloggers get their link parties in front of a larger audience, discover new blogs and connect with their fellows.

To start exploring the InLinkz Directory:

1. Click on the Explore button at the top of your InLinkz dashboard or go directly to

InLinkz directory

2. On the search box, select one or more blog categories from the drop-down list
Blog categories

3. Click on the search icon on the right to submit the search. The relevant link parties will be brought in.
Submit your search

4. Optimize your results by sorting link parties. View the link parties that recently opened first, the scheduled parties or the ones that end soon. You can also sort them in alphabetical or random order.

5. Click on the featured image on the left or on blog’s url to visit the host's blog.
Visit host's blog

6. To view where this party is hosted, click on party’s title. Click on a link to visit the party and add your link 

7. If a party hasn’t opened yet, then the scheduled time is displayed instead.
Scheduled link party

8. Click on the information icon on the right  to view the link party's details:
Link party's details

a. Impressions: the total count of all the times the link party loads

b. Entries: the total number of the submitted links

c. Giveaway: if it is a giveaway a present icon is displayed next to party's duration as well.

d. Opening and closing date.

9. Click on the FOLLOW HOST button to get notified when a new party from the same host is up. Check out here how you can notify your followers.

Follow host

Advanced search

 Use the Advanced search to narrow down your results:

Advanced search

1. Enter a link party title or search for a specific blog using a blog address.

2. Filter the link parties by their status: open or future.

3. Filter the link parties by their opening day.

Filter by opening day

4. Limit your results to show only the giveaways or hide blogs you already follow.

5. Find popular link parties with the most entries or locate those that haven't any links yet so as to be the first.

6. Include in your searching link parties with adult content.

Why isn’t my Link Party showing in the InLinkz Directory?

Tags: link party directory

A link party might not be shown in InLinkz Directory for two reasons:

1. The link party has not been associated with a main hosting blog.

This is an option you can select while creating or editing a link party:

Edit a link party

If you need a new blog url to be added to your Inlinkz account, simply go to your Settings (1)> My Blogs (2). Add the generic URL of your blog (3) and a few keywords (4) that define your content.

Add a new blog url to your account

2. The link party has closed.

In order for a link party to be seachable in the Link Party Director it is necessary to have open for entries or to have been scheduled to open soon.

How can I choose which link parties to be shown in the InLinkz Directory?

Tags: link party directory, not shown in directory

​InLinkz users have now the option to choose which link parties to be shown in the InLinkz Directory, if they don't want them all to be searchable.

To hide a link party from the Directory:

1. On your dashboard, click to edit the link party.

Edit the link party

2. On the advanced search, check the "Don't show in Directory" box.

Don't show in Directory