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How to pin a link to the top of a link party

Tags: pin a link

Here is how you can mark a link as pinned on a InLinkz Link Party:

1. Click to view the Entries of a link party.
InLinkz Link Party Entries

2. Search for the link you want to pin.

3.  Click on the green button on the right to pin it.
Click on the green button to pin the link

4. Refresh the page and the pinned link will be show at the top of the party.

Check out more about pinning here.

Important note
Drop the index numbers when you pin links in order to avoid having mixed index numbers in the party. See here how to enable that option.

How to manage the links of a link party

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To manage the links of a link party:

a. Open your InLinkz dashboard

b. Click on the "Entries" tab of the link party you want to manage the links. 
All the links that have been submitted to this party are shown here:
Entries page

1. Click on one link's URL to view the original post.

2. Click on an entrant's email to see all the links they have submitted.

3. Sort the links by the clicks they have received to see which is the most popular link.

4. Sort them by the submitted date to put the most recent first or vice versa.

5. Pin a link to the top of the party

6. Click on the bin to permanently delete a link from a link party.

Use the filters to view only the pinned links or those that require moderation.

Search for a link or a guest.

Reset the filters.
Filter entries

Export data

Export the entries and entrants' emails to excel files.
Export entries and emails

To get an overview of all the entries that have been submitted to your link parties, visit the Guest page.