How to host an InLinkz link party on a WIX platform

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Wix has a rather strange blogging system that consists of "blocks". You cannot add any HTML code directly but rather use the appropriate block to do so. 

So, to use InLinkz, you need to create an HTML block first:
Add a code on wix platform

and then put the code when editing it (NOT on the gray area below)
Add HTML on a Wix platform
Back on your InLinkz dashboard, just pick the code:

And paste it on the HTML box. Clicking update will produce a little squished result  Don't worry! Just use the spacer icons and adjust the height so that the scrollbar on the right disappears. If the number is more than the slider allows, just enter it by hand!

Publish, and you're all set!

The widget has loaded but there is no blue button to add my link

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Please check the start time of the linkup. The button only appears when it is time to enter links.

Here is how a link party looks like when it hasn't opened yet:

The link party is not open

And here is an open party:

An open link party

Remember, the +Add link button is always enabled for the party owners, regardless of the party's status.

Viewing as the party owner

What can I do if the linkup says that is loading for ever

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Most probably, the script part is missing.

Please check your post. You can quickly check the code of your blog by right-clicking on your blog and selecting “View source”.
View source

Then, with Ctrl-F, you can search for the “” keyword which is where the code is.
The Inlinkz code

Compare the code with what you got from the script page. If some of it is missing, then your blog editor has removed part of it.

Re-get the code from the script page and put it again, replacing all the previous code.

How can I share a link that I like?

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InLinkz allows the entrants to share the links they like with their followers.

Once they hover over a link, they can easily pin, post on facebook or tweet the link they like by clicking on the relevant buttons.

Share a link

Those pins/ posts/ tweets will contain both the liked link AND host's link party link!

A tweet

So just share the talent!

What do I need to do when a host requires a backlink

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If the host of a link party asks for a backlink in order to be allowed to add your link to the party, you need to have a plain HTML link from your blog to the host's blog.

When the backlink option is enabled, the following message pops up on the linking page to notify you where exactly you have to link back.

This link party requires backlinks

If you are asked e.g. to backlink to, you should have a link that leads there somewhere in your blog post. This, in HTML looks something like this:
<A HREF=>Backlink to</A>

Usually, hosts that require a backlink, provide a way to grab easily the code from their site in the form of a button, so just grab their button and put it in your blog post.

How can I get entrants' emails on Mailchimp

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To import entrants' emails to a MailChimp list, you need first to enable the integration with MailChimp.

Note: The Mailchimp integration is a Pro plan feature. To upgrade your account, click here.

Integration with MailChimp

1. Log in to the Inlinkz and go to your Settings.
2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left sidebar.

Mailchimp Integration

3. Open your MailChimp account and go to your Dashboard.
4. Click on your name and then select Profile.
5. Click Extras and select API Keys.
6. Click the Create A Key button.
Create a API key

7. Copy the API key.
8. Go back to Inlinkz Integration page. Paste the API key on the respective box and click on search.
9. Select the MailChimp list you want your guests' emails to be added and save.

Every time new emails are added simply upload the new list to Mailchimp.

1. Go to the InLinkz Guest page
Upload emails to Mailchimp

2. Click on the Upload to MailChimp button.
3. Select a list from the dropdown menu, if you have created more than one
4. Click to submit your selection.

To learn more about the MailChimp Integration, click here.

Please note that you need to have a way for users to unsubscribe from the mail list you may create and have their permission to send them emails or else your mail may be considered spam
and your address may get blacklisted/blocked. InLinkz assumes no responsibility if anything happens to you or your email !!!

How to change the size of the thumbnails

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You can change the size of the thumbnails from the +Advanced options while creating or editing a link party.
+Advanced options

You can change the size even when a link party collection has already entries.

Thumbnails size
The available thumbnails sizes are three (small, medium, large). The smaller size is approximately 100x100.

Thumbnail size

Keep in mind that the way a link party is displayed depends on each blog's layout/ width since the widget is fully responsive (which means that it has been optimized for browsers on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices).

How can I have all the links shown on one page

Tags: pagination

If you want all the links to be shown on one single page, simply change the default pagination limit from your +Advanced options, while creating or editing a party:

Pagination limit

The number of links per page can be set up to 300 links per page.

How to add images to a link party from your own computer

Tags: add images, upload images

With the upload function, adding images to a link party from your computer is easy as pie! Entrants have just to save images on their computer/ iPad/ phone and upload them!

The image upload option has been created for those cases where it is not possible for InLinkz to grab the pictures from the original site.

Here is how it works:

1. As usual, click onAdd your link to proceed with linking up.

Add your link

2. Select the Upload tab (the blog tab is selected by default).

Upload functionality

3. Drop an image in from your computer

Drop an image from your computer

or click inside the upload dialogue to search for an image in your files.
Choose an image from your computer

Alternatively, you can copy the URL of an image and paste it in the relevant field:

Copy image URL

Paste image URL

4. Crop the image, if necessary.

2019-11-29_13h26_54.png 81.21 KB

5. If the host hasn't enabled the option to submit images without links, then you need to add a link to the link field in order to proceed.
If you don't have a link for your image, you can add a dummy URL on the link field (eg.

2019-11-29_13h27_35.png 77.73 KB

6. Add a caption for your link.
image.png 35.07 KB

Retain index numbers on submissions: a default option

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You have a team that judges your links and you have 300 links to choose from. It is a difficult job but you finally decide on your 5 favorites: 3,66,78,145,223. And then, the entrant that had inserted number 101, decides to delete it!!

If you have been in this position, you’ll love the ability InLinkz gives you to retain the numbering of links, even when someone deletes some links from the sequence.
Submitted links

So, if the user deletes number two, the third link still has number 3 and no team is confused.
Subsequent entries

Subsequent entries are numbered in such a way that no number two will appear again.

How to rate a link party

Tags: rate a party

Gives other participants an insight into the link parties you joined and help them decide which link party they'd like to take part in.

Give feedback on your experience by using a measure with 5 stars to rate link parties.

To rate a blog:

2. Find the blog you want to rate and click on the "rate blog" option in the lower-right corner of its block.

Rate a blog

3. A scale with five empty stars will be shown. Tap on an empty star to submit your rate.

Submit your rate

Each entrant can submit a rate and then change it, however, only the last one will be counted in the final rating.

The summary rating for a blog will be displayed in search results under each blog's thumbnail.

How to display link parties sorted by average ratings

Tags: average rating, sort blogs, 5-stars

In InLinkz Directory you can use the entrants' rating as a guide to which link parties you should join.

You can sort any search results by the average ratings by using the sort drop-down menu at the top of the link parties listing.

Here is how you can sort blogs:

1. Go to the InLinkz Directory.

2. Click on the "Sort" tab on the left to open the drop-down menu with the available sorting options.
Sort search results

3. Select the "average rating" to reorder the blogs according to the rates they got.

Sort by Average rating

4. Make the selection and the results will be reordered according to the rates they got.

Hop in our blog to learn how you can find the top blogs in your niche.

Want to learn how you can rate a blog? Click here.

How to allow entries without a link

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In order to join an InLinkz link party or a blog challenge, it is required from entrants to submit a link, which usually is the URL of their blog post or their social account.
Now, hosts can allow their entrants to join a party (or a giveaway), even if they don't have a link to submit.

How to set up a party open to all

The enter of a link is the default option for every submitted link as you need a URL that points to the picture when clicked.
Otherwise, there is no way to know where the image originated.

However, in some cases, entrants want to participate in a party or a challenge by submitting an image without using a URL.

For these cases, InLinkz has released the option to allow entrants to submit an image without adding a link.

To enable this option:

1. Simply click to edit a link party (or create a new one).

2. Click on the "Allow entries without a link":
Allow entries without a link

3. Save

Now, the entrants, once they click to join the party, they will have the option to enter their image without entering a link

How to entry limits for link parties

Tags: limits

There are cases where you would like to set some entry limits for LinkUps, say 10 entries for a giveaway or 2 links from the same blog.

Here is how you can set these numerical limits.

The limits can be set while creating or editing a collection.

1. Click to create a new link party or edit an existing one.

2. Click to expand the +Advanced options.

+Advanced options

3. Define the maximum number of links you will allow to this collection. Once this number reaches, the collection will automatically close.

Maximum number of links

4. Select how many links can be submitted from the same blog.

Max links from same blog

If an entrant tries to submit more links than the defined limit, then the following message will pop up:

Only 1 link from the same site

5. Save the changes 

How to organize a giveaway and pick a winner

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Need to organize a giveaway or challenge with random, selected LinkUp winner?

InLinkz has the capability to pick the winner randomly using a well tested random algorithm.

Here is how you can set up an InLinkz giveaway in only four steps:

1. The "giveaway" option has been added on the creating page, so simply go your InLinkz dashboard and select to create a new link party.
This is a giveaway

2. Enter an opening and a closing date, as usual, define the entry requirements/ rules and the prizes.

3. Click on the Giveaway checkbox and save.

Once you have created a giveaway, a purple gift icon will be displayed on the party's board which indicates that this linkup is a giveaway.


4. Copy the code and add it to your blog. Invite your readers to participate in your giveaway.

Any collection can be turned to a giveaway at any time.

Free accounts
have full access to the giveaway feature as well.

Pick the winner

Once the giveaway period ends, it's time to pick the winner.

1. While on your dashboard, click on the gift icon to manage your giveaway.


2. If the submission period has ended, a green note will pop up. Click on the link to continue. 

Submission period ends

3. Select to pick a winner by clicking on the "pick a winner" link.

Pick a winner

The system will select a winner randomly between the verified entrants. The winner's submission will be marked in purple to make the winner stand out.

Winner of the giveaway

Note: Keep in mind that while picking a winner, the system will let you manipulate the ranking if you wish to. Again, if you want to be completely fair about the randomness of the winner drawn, you should refrain from tampering with this. You can keep asking for the winner until you land on the ones you want. Nobody guarantees that the blog owner will not be biased.

Pick again a winner

Want to let people join your giveaway without adding links for their images? Check out how here.

Order links

Tags: order links, sort links

You can order the links in a link party from the +Advanced options while creating or editing the party.
Ordering options

There are four different sorting types:
Order links

Oldest: This is the default option. It places the links that submitted first at the bottom of the collection. This way usually the first one to enter gets the most views (clicks).

Newest: With this option the latest links are displayed first. Everyone gets a chance to be on the top entries. Latecomers get their chance to!

Alpha: This option orders links alphabetically. When links are sorted in alphabetical order, enable the "Don't show the index number for each entry" option as well to drop the numbers, as there is no need for numbers when links can, at any point, be inserted in the middle of the list.

Random: When links are sorted randomly, each time the collection is displayed, the links are in a different position. This is a good option when it comes to photo challenges where you should judge by content. No numbers are attached to the thumbnails by default. 

What is the difference between and

Tags: wordpress is the site that produces and serves the code (the software) for the WordPress blog platform. You can freely get this code and install it to a server/ host of your choice and have a blog that is completely owned by you. This is a self-hosted blog where you set the rules of what works and what does not. And there, you have administrative privileges and install whatever you want.

On (eg you have the free stuff without the hassle of setting up a server by yourself. The drawback is that their blog platform has some restrictions, one of which is that you cannot embed scripts or objects.

How to delete a link party

Tags: delete a party

To delete a whole collection from your InLinkz dashboard (as well as your blog):

1. Click on the little arrow at the right-top corner of the link party.
Click to expand the options

2. Select Delete to remove the link party.
Delete a link party

The delete is permanent, so make sure before you select to proceed with the removal.

Note: If you delete a collection from your dashboard, the link party with all the links will disappear from your blog as well.

Do not forget to remove the script from your blog post or else, there will be a red message there, saying that the link party has not found.

How to delete a link

Tags: delete a link

To delete a link from a collection:

1. Simply hover over the link you want to delete and a remove icon will be displayed on the right bottom of the thumbnail.

Remove a link

2. Click on it to remove the link.

Remember, there is no chance to recover a link, once it is deleted. It is a permanent change.

The delete option is visible only to the entrant that submitted the link and only from the browser they have entered the link. Cookies should be enabled as well.

Hosts can also delete the links that have submitted to their own parties:

1. While on your Inlinkz dashboard, click to preview a link party.
Preview the party

2. Hover over the link you want to remove and click to delete it.

Remove a link as host

Keep in mind that we cannot restore deleted links. Only delete a link if you're sure.

Create & add a link party to Blogger

Tags: create a party,

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a link party with images in the administration interface of InLinkz and putting it in your Blogger blog.

Blogger platform

Sign in to Inlinkz

1. Sign in to your account.
If you haven't created an InLinkz account yet, register now for free.

Create a new link party 

a. The Title will be displayed on your dashboard as well as on InLinkz Directory.
b. The Opening and the Closing date determine the duration of the link party. No links can be submitted after a party closes.
c. Choose whether your collection will be a thumbnail collection with captions or only images (Party type).
d. The Terms & Conditions will show on your blog just before the entries.

Note: If you want to get an email each time an entrant submits a link, enable the Email Preferences from your Settings.

e. Click on the giveaway checkbox, if this is a giveaway.
f. To allow entries without a link, click on the relevant box.

To learn about the +Advanced options, click here.

g. Click Create and you will instantly be transferred to your Home page.

Get the code

1. To get the code for the link party, click on the Copy Code button.
Copy code button

2. Copy the code.

Copy the code

3. Open your Blogger editor.

4. Paste the code into your blog post while in HTML editing mode. Don't switch back to preview.

Paste the code in HTML editing mode

Note: If you are not in HTML edit mode, the code will not be entered correctly.

5. Publish your post.

The link party is live on your blog!

Here is what your readers will view, once the party opens for entries:
Open link party

For a more detailed guide on how to create a link party, click here.

Advanced linking options

Tags: advanced options

To set up the +Advanced options of a link party:

1. Go to your InLinkz Dashboard and click to create or edit a new party.

2. Click to expand the +Advanced options.

Here are the available advanced options:
+Advanced options

A. Arrange how the submitted links will be displayed:

  • oldest at the top
  • newest at the top
  • into an alphabetical order
  • randomly

B. Select the value of the image size that suits your blog's layout best.

  • small
  • medium
  • large

C. Define the number of links you want to be displayed per page.

The default value is 25 but you can change this number according to your preferences.

D. Define the max number of links you want to be submitted to this link party.

Once this limit reaches, the party will close.

E. Define the max number of links the entrants can submit from the same blog.

Max numbers of links

How can I choose which link parties to be shown in the InLinkz Directory?

Tags: link party directory, not shown in directory

​InLinkz users have now the option to choose which link parties to be shown in the InLinkz Directory, if they don't want them all to be searchable.

To hide a link party from the Directory:

1. On your dashboard, click to edit the link party.

Edit the link party

2. On the advanced search, check the "Don't show in Directory" box.

Don't show in Directory

Why isn’t my Link Party showing in the InLinkz Directory?

Tags: link party directory

A link party might not be shown in InLinkz Directory for two reasons:

1. The link party has not been associated with a main hosting blog.

This is an option you can select while creating or editing a link party:

Edit a link party

If you need a new blog url to be added to your Inlinkz account, simply go to your Settings (1)> My Blogs (2). Add the generic URL of your blog (3) and a few keywords (4) that define your content.

Add a new blog url to your account

2. The link party has closed.

In order for a link party to be seachable in the Link Party Director it is necessary to have open for entries or to have been scheduled to open soon.

InLinkz Link Party Directory

Tags: link party directory

Welcome to the InLinkz Link Party Directory!

The InLinkz Link Party Directory is designed to help bloggers get their link parties in front of a larger audience, discover new blogs and connect with their fellows.

To start exploring the InLinkz Directory:

1. Click on the Explore button at the top of your InLinkz dashboard or go directly to

InLinkz directory

2. On the search box, select one or more blog categories from the drop-down list
Blog categories

3. Click on the search icon on the right to submit the search. The relevant link parties will be brought in.
Submit your search

4. Optimize your results by sorting link parties. View the link parties that recently opened first, the scheduled parties or the ones that end soon. You can also sort them in alphabetical or random order.

5. Click on the featured image on the left or on blog’s url to visit the host's blog.
Visit host's blog

6. To view where this party is hosted, click on party’s title. Click on a link to visit the party and add your link 

7. If a party hasn’t opened yet, then the scheduled time is displayed instead.
Scheduled link party

8. Click on the information icon on the right  to view the link party's details:
Link party's details

a. Impressions: the total count of all the times the link party loads

b. Entries: the total number of the submitted links

c. Giveaway: if it is a giveaway a present icon is displayed next to party's duration as well.

d. Opening and closing date.

9. Click on the FOLLOW HOST button to get notified when a new party from the same host is up. Check out here how you can notify your followers.

Follow host

Advanced search

 Use the Advanced search to narrow down your results:

Advanced search

1. Enter a link party title or search for a specific blog using a blog address.

2. Filter the link parties by their status: open or future.

3. Filter the link parties by their opening day.

Filter by opening day

4. Limit your results to show only the giveaways or hide blogs you already follow.

5. Find popular link parties with the most entries or locate those that haven't any links yet so as to be the first.

6. Include in your searching link parties with adult content.

Why did my linkup close early

Tags: closed party

The usual suspects of an early-closing linkup are two:

1. It might be an advanced setting regarding the maximum number of links in total. This setting automatically closes the linkup when the total number of links reaches the set number. 

If you have set this to something small, then the linkup will close. 
2. Another possibility would be that the time was not set correctly and the linkup closed in e.g. 11 AM instead of 11 PM. For midnight, the correct time would be 12 AM and noon would be 12 PM.

Note: Trial and free accounts are only allowed up to 50 links per linkup. 

How can I see how many clicks a link party got

Tags: statistics, clicks

Inlinkz provides to hosts a view of their link parties' statistics to help them understand how far a link party has gone.

Statistics are available to any link party at the top left of each party.
Link party statistics

Statistics includes an overview of the:

* impressions the party got (the total count of all the times the Link Party loads)

* verified and Unverified Links (the number of the submitted links that have been verified or remain unverified, correspondingly)

* total Link Clicks (the clicks the submitted links received in total)

The ideal Link Party will have both a high impression number and a high total clicks rate.

Read more about the Link Party Statistics here.

How to manage the links of a link party

Tags: export emails, manage entries, entrants' emails, pin a link

To manage the links of a link party:

a. Open your InLinkz dashboard

b. Click on the "Entries" tab of the link party you want to manage the links. 
All the links that have been submitted to this party are shown here:
Entries page

1. Click on one link's URL to view the original post.

2. Click on an entrant's email to see all the links they have submitted.

3. Sort the links by the clicks they have received to see which is the most popular link.

4. Sort them by the submitted date to put the most recent first or vice versa.

5. Pin a link to the top of the party

6. Click on the bin to permanently delete a link from a link party.

Use the filters to view only the pinned links or those that require moderation.

Search for a link or a guest.

Reset the filters.
Filter entries

Export data

Export the entries and entrants' emails to excel files.
Export entries and emails

To get an overview of all the entries that have been submitted to your link parties, visit the Guest page.

Why I get the message that I reached the limit of parallel running link parties

Tags: timeline, whoops, parallel parties

Inlinkz plans come with a set amount of link parties you can run in parallel.

Parallel open link parties are those parties that can be open at the same time period, including future ones.

If this limit is exceeded, then the above "Whoops" message is shown.

Limit for link parties running at the same time reached.

To check for the available dates so as to plan your new link parties without issues, use the InLinkz Link Party Timeline:

1. Go to your Inlinkz Dashboard and click to open the Filters menu on the left.

2. Click to View the Link Party Timeline.

3. A visualization of your link parties' running periods will be shown. The ended link parties will be marked in red and the open or scheduled parties will be marked in blue.

4. Use the field underneath the timeline to check the available dates for your next link party.

Check available dates

If the party you want to create exceeds your parallel open parties limit, simply go back to your dashboard and select new dates.

Want to learn more about the InLinkz Timeline? Check out here.

How to drop the index numbers at a link party

Tags: index numbers

When a new link is submitted to an InLinkz Link Party is assigned with a number.

This number cannot be changed (even if a link has been pinned to the top of a party).

To avoid having mixed index numbers in the party, enable the "Don't show the index number for each entry" box.

Here is how you can do it:

1. Open your InLinkz dashboard.

2. Click to edit a party.
Edit a party

3. Scroll down and click on the "+Advanced options" to expand.
Advanced options

4.  Check the "Don't show the index number for each entry" box.
Don't show the index number for each entry

5. Save.

How to pin a link to the top of a link party

Tags: pin a link

Here is how you can mark a link as pinned on a InLinkz Link Party:

1. Click to view the Entries of a link party.
InLinkz Link Party Entries

2. Search for the link you want to pin.

3.  Click on the green button on the right to pin it.
Click on the green button to pin the link

4. Refresh the page and the pinned link will be show at the top of the party.

Check out more about pinning here.

Important note
Drop the index numbers when you pin links in order to avoid having mixed index numbers in the party. See here how to enable that option.

What are Blog Hops?

Tags: share a link party, blog hop

A Blog Hop is a list of thumbnailed links (a linkup or a link party) shared between a group of bloggers so while people are “hopping” from blog to blog, they see the same list on each blog.

The way Blog Hops work is that it allows bloggers not only to create a substantial relationship with their own readers but also share readership with other bloggers in their niche.

That is why Blog Hops is a fabulous and fun way to increase your blog's traffic and establish a community around a brand.

How Blog Hops work?

Blog Hops are usually arranged by one blogger (aka the host) or several bloggers (the co-hosts).

They have a specific theme, date frame, rules.

A blog hop may be open to everyone or closed where only a pre-determined group of bloggers can participate.

The blog hop goes live on the host's and co-host's blogs at the exact same time.

How to start a Blog Hop?

Go to your InLinkz dashboard.

2. Create a new link party.

3. Set a theme. Blog hops are usually centered around particular themes.

4. Establish the rules that participants should follow. Some common rules are to start following the host and the co-hosts, visit some of the submitted links and leave comments below the posts, place the blog hop's button on their blog etc.)

5. Share your link party with your co-hosts by sending them your code.

6. Determine the time you will go live.

Enjoy the hop.

How to verify my entry to InLinkz?

Tags: verify login

The first time you are going to join an InLinkz link party, you will need to verify your entry.

You can either use your facebook or google login with just one click (1) or you can continue with an InLinkz login (2).
Verify your entry

To create an InLinkz login, click to continue with InLinkz (1) and then enter your email (2) and a password of your preference (3) in the right column. Click to continue (4).
Continue with InLinkz login

A verification email will be sent to your inbox. Follow the instructions to verify your login.

This is a process you need to do only once. If you use the same browser, the system will remember you.

In case login is required, simply enter your credentials in the left column and continue adding your link to the link party.

Why my link is not shown in the link party?

Tags: unverified links, link not shown, no backlink

There are two reasons why a submitted link might not be shown in a link party:

a. You haven't verified your login to InLinkz.

How to solve it: Check your inbox or your spam folder for the verification email. If you cannot find it, request a new one or contact us. 

b. The host requires backlinks and your link doesn't comply with this ruleset. 

 How to solve it: The link needs to be approved by the host. Make sure you have followed the host's rules.

It seems that I cannot open the links and the hosting page just reloads

Please make sure your browser does not block any popup windows.

​InLinkz works by opening another window to view the link so that might be the case.

To enable the popups for InLinkz, check here.

Why InLinkz cannot find any images when I add a post preview link?

Tags: no images

If the link you are trying to enter to a link party is a post preview link, then the widget won't be able to find any images, since the access to a preview page isn't allowed. 

To avoid that issue, make sure the post you are about to add is published and publicly viewable.

I DON'T want the entries to be shown in my blog post. I want a button only!

While this seems strange, you can do it easily! 

There are two ways:

1. Removing the <SCRIPT> part of your code

Just copy the code and then remove anything in the <Script> parts, including the tags themselves:
Removing the script part.

This will display the default message which looks like this:

Default caption of InLinkz button.

You can then edit the code to suit your specific needs (e.g. change the texts and/or colors)

2. Creating a link by yourself:

On the code dialog, there are two options for picking a code. The bottom one, is a direct link which points to the linkup.
Just use this link on whatever you want, for example an image, to make it a link to a party:

Use this unique link to make a button out of anything you wish!

You can use it on images, and/or text!

How to add a photo from Instagram to a link party using a mobile

Tags: instagram, mobile, phone

To add a photo from your Instagram account to a link party using your mobile:

1. Open Instagram from your mobile and search for the photo you want to add to the link party.

2. Click on the photo to view it.

3. Click on the three dots on the top right. A list of options will be shown.

Click on the three dots

4. Click Copy Link.
Image from iOS (1).png 308.93 KB

5. Go to link party you want to participate in. Paste the link on the link tab:
Add your link to link party

5. Save

Make sure the photo is publicly viewable.

How to clone a link party and save time

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If you are running recurring link parties, then the clone functionality will save you time.

Cloning is used to create new link parties based on previously defined settings.

Here is how you can easily duplicate a linkup:

1. Once you have created a new link party you can go ahead and clone it by clicking on the little arrow at the right top corner.

Link party's preview

2.  A list with multiple options will be expanded. Select Clone.
Clone a link party

3. The edit page will open. All linkup's data will be pre- filled, except for the opening and closing date. Adjust the duration of the cloned party and enter a new title, if necessary.

Adjust the opening and closing date

4. Clone it and the new party will be shown on your dashboard.

Why I get the message "Link Party Not Found"?

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If you get the message "Link Party Not Found":
Link party not found

1. Refresh the page by holding down Shift on a PC or Command + R on Mac (check out this post as well:'s-Cache )

2. Try using another browser or an incognito window

If that does not work either:

1. Let us know the version of the browser and the OS you are using.
2. Send us a screenshot of the "console" tab of the development console of the browser (it comes up with F12). 

How can I change the display email when I add a link to a party?

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The email address that is displayed when you add a link to a party is the email you used to sign in to InLinkz.

If you want to change it, you need to log out of your currently logged in account and sign in to your other email. You can find a logout button just right beside the "add link" button

Logout from your currently logged in email

After this, when you click on "add link" you will be requested to add your email again. Use your alternative email here


If you are logging in with Google, it automatically fills the same email you are logged in GMail with. To change that, you need to logout from GMail and login back to GMail with your desired email

How to edit a submitted link

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To edit a link's information (the URL and the caption):

1. Go to the party and hover over the submitted link to display the edit icon.

Edit a link

2. The edit page will open to change the URL and the caption of the submitted link.

Edit the URL and the Caption of the link

Note: The maximum limit for captions is 80 characters.

You can only edit a link from the same browser/device you have added the link.

Hosts can also edit the links submitted to their own collections from their dashboard or directly from their blog, once logged into InLinkz.

1. Simply click to view a linkup

Click to view the link party


 2. Hover over the link you want to edit and the edit icon will be shown.

Hover over a link

3. Edit the URL or/ and the caption of the link and save.

To change the thumbnail of a link, you will need to submit the link from scratch.

A host can add, edit or remove links from a collection, regardless of the party's status (open or closed).

Following a host

Tags: get notified, follow a host

If you are keen on participating in a lot of link parties then you might find it difficult to keep up with all your favorite ones.
And it’s extremely important to find out when a link party goes live so as to schedule your entries and be there RIGHT when the party opens.

InLinkz allows entrants to follow their favorite hosts  by simply putting a check on the "Follow host" box while on the linking page:
Follow a host

When you follow a host, you can get email notifications each time a new party is created by this host or is ready to accept entries.

Note: Keep in mind that in order for this feature to work the hosts should activate this option from their backend as well.

How to add a photo shared on Facebook or Instagram to a link party

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Here is how you can participate in a link party using a photo you have shared on Facebook or Instagram:

1. Before you get started, make sure that your photos are publicly viewable.

2. Go to Facebook or Instagram and click to view the selected photo
Click to view an image on Facebook

Click to view an image on Instagram

Note: If on Facebook, select to view the full size of the image.
View the full size of the image

3. Highlight the URL of the post from the top of the browser and copy it
Copy the URL of the Facebook post

Copy the URL of the Instagram post

4. Go to the link party and paste the URL in the link field. The widget will bring in the attached image.
Paste it on the link tab

5. Select the image, change the caption, if necessary, and save.

6. Your image link will be shown in the collection.

How to change the image of a link?

Tags: change image

To change the image of a link, you will need to remove and add the link from scratch. 

An easy way to do this, would be to go to "Add link" and just drag the link to be deleted on the URL bar as seen below, and then, simply delete the old one.

Drag the link to the URL tab

Delete the link

Why do you need my Facebook data and friends lists?

Tags: facebook, login

We do not!

The permissions requested by us from Facebook are only the email and public profile, just to validate the existence of the user. 

Our process of getting the users email and entry are set like so to be compliant with the GDPR that came into effect in May 2018. 

How to crop an image

Tags: crop

Once you enter a link to the link field, the widget will bring in all the images associated with this link.

If a selected image doesn't fit properly, you have the option to crop it:

1. Click on the crop link at the top right corner of the image you want to crop.

Click crop

2. Drag the cropping handles around the desired area

Crop the image

3. Apply cropping.
Apply cropping

Why do I get the message "The InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website" and how can I fix it?

Tags: widget, not allowed

If you get the following message, when the InLinkz widget is added to your blog,
The InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website
you need to add your blog address to your Blog Settings (Settings> My Blogs), in order to allow the  widget to be displayed on your website.

400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

Tags: error 400

Please, clear your browser cache ('s-Cache) or try to use another browser.

​The issue is due to chrome's cookie storage space and is only affecting your own browser.

Don't worry, your readers are seeing the linkup correctly.

Why my link party is not displaying inside my post?

Tags: wordpress, party not showing

If a blog hosted on, then no widget is allowed to be displayed inside the posts.

The only option to run a link party to sites is to add a button which, when readers click on it, takes them to an external page where the linkup is hosted. 

If a blog's installation is on a self-hosted platform, blogger or typepad, the widget will display the linkup inside the blog posts, if the code placed correctly.

To place the InLinkz code properly, simply remove the code you have already added to you blog and grab a fresh copy of the code, as shown below:
Link Party Code

If possible, paste it to your blog while in HTML editing mode and do not switch to preview. Just commit your changes.

How to change the blog URL I have associated with Inlinkz?

Tags: change blog

To change the blog URL you have associated with Inlinkz, go to your Settings (1) and from the Profile list on the left, select My Blogs (2).

Add a new blog URL (3) as well as a few related keywords (4).
Manage your Blogs

As soon as you add the new URL, the delete option will be displayed.

Click on the reb bin on the right to delete the URL you need to be removed.

Delete a Blog URL

A quick note:
If you have tied the URL of a specific blogpost and not the generic URL of your blog and you need to replace it, add first a "dummy" URL (for example "") so as the system will let you delete the old blogspost URL and then add the generic blog URL. 

How to upload an image to a link party without adding a link?

Tags: no link, upload images

There are two ways to upload an image to a link party without adding a link (a URL):

1. Allow entries without a link

When a host has enabled the "Allow entries without a link" option

Allow entries without a link

entrants without any URL/ link can also enter an event (say, a giveaway):
Enter without link

They still have to enter a caption for their entry. Their email address is displayed by default so they can be reached by both the host and the automatic winner draw function in case they win in a giveaway.

2. A workaround

When a host has not enabled the above option, entrants can still submit images without links through a workaround:

​1. Add a dummy link on the URL field (eg.,,,, etc)

2. Select the Upload tab

3. Bring an image in from your PC

4. Save.

Upload an image to a link party

Keep in mind that when you upload an image without adding a link, there is no way to know where the image originated from and the image will not point to any valid site once clicked.

Why some new submitted links are hidden from my link party collection?

Tags: backlink

If you have enabled the require backlinks option from the +Advanced options, then, each time an entrant submits a link that doesn't comply with this ruleset,
the link won't be displayed in your collection until you moderate it.

Once you approve that link, it will be displayed normally in your party. If you reject it, it will be deleted from your collection permanently.

I am an old InLinkz user with a running subscription. What are my options

Tags: price, subscription

Legacy accounts are plans for users like you, that are already subscribed to the old inlinkz.
You keep the $2.99 pricing as is, through your current subscription and get all fresh features as well.

Make sure you create a fresh account with the same email as the one you are using in the old system.
You will be assigned the Legacy plan. 

No need to do anything from your side.

Thank you so much for being our customer so far! 

(In case you have signed up with a different email, let us know, to sync your accounts)

How do I add a link to a link party?

Tags: add link, add image, upload image

To add a link to an InLinkz link party, please follow the quick steps below.
(You can find a more detailed walkthrough on how to add your links in a party in our blog post here or watch the video)

Quick guide 

  1. Click on the +Add Link button to expand the link options
  2. Type the URL of your link in the URL field. Images will be loaded automatically in the area below.
  3. Optionally you can change the Caption text.
    • The Email address will be entered automatically.
  4. Select one of the images listed in the area below or you can upload an image manually with the Upload tab.
  5. Save your submission.
  6. Shout out the link you added. Once you submit a link, you will be presented with a sharing screen and you can click on the respective items to pin, post or tweet about your link. Clicking on the Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter buttons a window will pop up to let you take action. On Facebook and Pinterest you can choose your text and then share or cancel. On Twitter there is a default text mentions both your blog and the target link party, which of course you can modify before you submit.

Watch the video

What does the red exclamation mark on my link party board means?

Tags: moderate links

InLinkz offers to hosts the ability to keep the submitted links that not follow the backlinks ruleset, hidden from the public until the host approves them.

When there is at least one link in a party that needs moderation, a red mark is displayed on the dashboard:
Manage links

How to moderate submitted links

If you have enabled the "require backlinks" option from the +Advanced settings, then, each time an entrant submits links that don't comply with this ruleset, the links won't be displayed in the collection, until the host moderates them. If the host approves the link, then it will be displayed normally in the party. If the host rejects the link, it will be permanently deleted from the collection.

To moderate a link:

1. Go to your InLinkz dashboard and click on the "Entries" button.

2. You will be directed to the Entries page.

3. The links that need moderation are indicated with a red exclamation mark.
Links under moderation

If the collection has a lot of links, use the filter at the right top to view only the links that require moderation.
Show only links that require moderation

4. Click on the details to view more data about this link.

Link details

5. Click "Confirm Now" to accept the link.

Confirm a link

6. Click on the red bin to delete it permanently from the collection. Please make sure before you remove a link because this action is irreversible.
Delete a link permanently

How to collect participants' emails for my mailing list?

Tags: entrants' emails, export emails

To collect the email addresses of the people that have participated in your link parties, open the Guests page from your Inlinkz dashboard.

Guests Page

An alphabetic list with all the entrants’ emails will be available there. Use the email filter to search for one entrant. 
Entrants' emails

Export entrants' emails to an excel file for your mailing list or upload them directly to your Mailchimp list.

Export emails

How to ask for a backlink?

Tags: backlink

Not linking back is a major pain in all linkups and even when there are such rules, entrants continuously break them.

Since linkup should be beneficial to both hosts and participants, hosts usually require a link back. A link on the participants' site to link back to the linkup site.
This is usually enforced manually. If someone has many links though, it is usually impossible to visit all the linked sites to see that they indeed have a link back and, if not, go back to the moderation page and delete the link.

This is where InLinkz comes to play with the backlink option to help you build your incoming links by requiring backlinks from your entrants to your blog.
Make sure the entrants can leave their link in your collection only if they follow your rules.

This backlink acts as a good referral from other blogs so it is beneficial to your PageRank.

Here is how you can require backlinks to your blog:

1. Click to expand the +Advanced options while creating or editing a link party.

2. Enable the "Require backlinks" option.

3. Once you enable it, the blog(s) you have associated with your Inlinkz account will be displayed. The reader's links should point to this URL/ these URLs.

Required Backlinks

Note: To set or change the URLs you have associated with your blog, go to your Settings > My Blogs.

What happens to links that do not follow this ruleset?

When entrants submit links that Inlinkz is unable to verify their backlinks, the system will still add them to the collection but they will not be displayed on hosts' blog until they moderate them.
The hosts will receive an email about the pending for moderation links and as soon as they approve them from their dashboard > Manage links, the links will be displayed in their collection.

How to share your link party code with the cohosts (blog hop)

Tags: blog hop, share a party

If you want other bloggers to display your link party (what is known as a “blog hop”), there is an easy way to let them grab your code for their site.

Here is how the cohosts can pick your code:

1. While on your InLinkz home page, click on the "share your code" link of a party:
Share your code

2. Copy the "Direct link". You can add it to your blog or send it via email to your cohosts.

Direct link

Alternatively, share your code through facebook or twitter.
Share the code on Twitter

3. Once the cohosts click on the link, they will be transferred to an InLinkz page to get your code and add it to their blogs (in HTML editing mode).

This is what the cohosts will see:
Grab the code

The provided code works for all sites. As soon as they add it, your link party will be displayed to their blogs as well.

Please note: This link will enable anyone to host your link party, so take extra care where you send it to.

Why do I need to verify my entry?

Tags: gdpr, personal data, spam, verify login

Big changes are happening around your personal data rights and we have built Inlinkz to reflect these changes.

Willing to keep your info safe & sound, you need to verify your entry, before you submit a link for the first time (verifying only takes a few seconds and you need to do it only once). After verifying your email, you can add links to all InLinkz link parties without the need for re-verification.

The email verification process is a needed change due to the GDPR which states that email and IP address constitute personal data. We cannot provide data to hosts or collect it in any way, without getting the consent of entrants (you).

Prevent unauthorized people (third parties) to add links for you without your permission
By verifying your email allows us to detect if a third party tries to add a link under your email without your permission. This means that if emails are entered from a completely different state/country from the verification state/country, a block is placed until re-verification to keep your email and account safe. 

Through the verification process we are also able to control spam links and prevent automatic mass-adding of links that has happened in some occasions on the previous versions. We want to make sure that every link added to a link party is real and not automatically added by a bot and that behind each entry is a person that will also visit your own entries in the same party.
We take your privacy very seriously to keep your data safe and reap all the benefits when adding your entries to any InLinkz linkup.

Extended benefits 

Logging in to Inlinkz, you can:
* see how many clicks you receive from each of your entries
* your link history
* automatic completion 

Why do I get a message 'This connection is not secure' ?

Tags: https

The message about an insecure connection might appear on some browsers only when the parent/host site is served over the 'http' protocol and not 'https'. You can check the URL bar to see the protocol a website uses.

This issue does not affect  the inlinkz app and your communication with our service is 100% secure.
Our website follows all security recommendations regarding credential and transaction safety and it is fully 'https' compliant.